Time Travel with TukTuk

What comes to your mind when you want to travel some where, whether it is your daily office ride, friday night party or weekend family trip. There are two important things that comes to your mind which will determine the ultimate  cost you want to pay for your ride.

1) Distance – Distance of your trip. Eg. 100 Km
2) Time – Time taken to travel. Eg. 3 Hours

Today time plays a critical part when commuting and would have a direct impact on your cost of travel. Eg. When you go by bus you pay less because you expect the journey to take much longer than travelling the same distance in  a helicopter which cost far more than the cost of the bus fare.

Distance Based Costing

When you hire taxi you pay for the distance you travelled at a pre determined rate. This is called the distance based cost or per Km  Rate. All conventional Taxi companies offers  distance based costing for your travel.

Eg. If you travel from Colombo to Kandy your taxi fare will be calculated as follows.
Distance – 100 Km
Rate per Kilometer – LKR 45/=
Total Taxi Fare – 100Km X LKR45 = LKR 4,500*

* In order to facilitate waiting during travel most taxi companies have introduced a waiting charge which will be add added to the total fare based on the time the vehicle is parked or driven below a set speed.

Time Based Costing

Time based taxi fare determines the total taxi fare based on the time taken to travel irrespective of the actual distance travelled.

Eg. If you travel from Kandy to Colombo your Taxi Fare will be calculated as follows.
Time Taken to travel – 180 minutes
Rate per Minute – LKR 20/=
Total Taxi Fare – 180 Min X Rs 20 = LKR 3,600

Time Travel Vs Distance Travel

When you Time Travel your final taxi fare will be variable as a against the Distance based travel coat which will be more fixed nature.
Eg. If you Time Travel during rush hour your travel cost would be more. Likewise if you travel during off peak hours, free ways without traffic conditions the final taxi fare would be less than Distance based cost.

Also the time taken for the trip would be depend on type of vehicle you rent for your travel and the speed at which it could travel in a given traffic or weather condition.


* Extra 5 min included for traffic and other road conditions.

Vehicle Speeds, Travel condition and Cost

Motor Bike (TukDrop Moto Taxi) – LKR 20/= per Minute

Time Taken to travel 1 Km – City:  1 min Rural:1 min  Traffic: 2 Min  Rain: 3 min

Trishaw (TukTuk) – LKR 20/= Per Minute

Time Taken to travel 1 Km – City:  2 min Rural: 1 min Traffic: 3 Min  Rain: 3 min

Car  (TukGo or TukX) – LKR 20 per Minute

Time Taken to travel 1 Km: City:  3 min Rural: 1 min  Traffic: 5 Min Rain: 5 min Free ways: 1min

– Moto Bike would go faster than a Car or a Trishaw in a traffic condition.
– Car would be faster in long distance travel and freeways.
– Motor Bike Taxi and Trishaw would be slower in a rainy condition.

TukTuk – Time Travel

When you Time Travel your rides cost would be fully based on time taken for your trip. Many other companies offers vehicle rentals on the basis of months, weeks, days and hours but it is the first time in Sri Lanka TukTuk Network offers taxi rental for your daily rides on per minute basis.  Time Travel offers short term Rental of Moto Bike, Car or Tuk with a Driver for minimum 10 minutes.

Time Travel Cost only LKR 20/= per  minute or LKR 1200/= per hour. No other charges. To use Time Travel download TukTuk app.