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TukTuk  now offer Cars (3-5 Passenger) and Vans (4-7 Passenger) for long distance tours with or without return trip through TukTuk Tours. We provide you with a designated Tour Driver and a vehicle of your choice with fuel at a special rates as given below. You can also book directly by downloading  TukTuk Passenger App available in Google Play and Apple Store.

  • Above Rates excludes  waiting charges which will be charged at the rate LKR 240 per Hour or LKR 2,000 per driver night.
  • Toll fees are excluded in the above price.
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover
  • All cancellations are subject to a cancellation fee.

How to Become a Tour Driver

TukTuk Tour Driver 

Register Cars (4-5 Passenger) and Vans (4-7 Passengers) with TukTuk Tours for long distance tours. Drivers who are willing to become a Tour Driver  can enrol to this service  by downloading and registering with TukTuk Driver App.  TukGo and TukX Drivers who are already registered with TukTuk can enrol to this service by switching on the TUKTUK TOURS channel in the Driver App.

සංචාරක රියදුරු

දිගු සංචාර ගමන් (TukTuk Tours) සඳහා ඔබගේ කාර් (මගී ආසන 4-5) සහ වෑන් (මගී ආසන 5-7) රථ ටුක්ටුක් සමග ලියාපදිංචි කරගන්න.  ටුක්ටුක් රියදුරු TukTuk Driver ඇප් එක ඩවුන්ලෝඩ් කරගන්න. ලියාපදිංචි ටුක්ගෝ (TukGo) ටුක් එක්ස් (Tuk X) රියදුරන් TUKTUK TOUR චැනලය සක්‍රීය කරගන්න.