Become a TUKTUK Partner and start earning from your own Taxi Business

If you are business minded and interested in Taxi business, we offer 2 unique opportunities for you to earn additional income. You can now become a TUKTUK Partner and be a part of our growing local and international network of TUKTUK Taxi Operators and Dispatchers.

Dispatch Partnership

We offer unique opportunity to become a TUKTUK Taxi Dispatcher and earn from Taxi Hires you generate. We provide you a Dispatcher Panel that allow you to Book Taxis on behalf of your company or your clients. You will earn upto 5% commission from the total Taxi Hires your company or clients generate for the month. Currently we offer Dispatch Partnerships in the Western and Central Provinces of Sri Lanka. Read More…

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Operator Partnership

Become a TUKTUK Partner and join our network of local and International Taxi Operators operating under the unique brand name of TUKTUK. Our Partners can run their taxi business independenly and we provide all the business and technological support to make profit and become the leader in the chosen territory. Read More…

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