Any Time Toilet

TukTuk in collaboration with Social Ventures Nepal offers Any Time Toilet (ATT) Sri Lanka to provide you easy access to sanitary facilities in Sri Lanka.

Corporate objective of ATT Sri Lanka is as follows:

  • ATT via its Mobile app will provide locations of Public and Privately owned Toilets and Sanitary Facilities available in Sri Lanka for the use of tourists as well as general public.
  • Toilet owners are allowed to register with ATT to earn additional income by renting their home toilets and bathrooms.
  • ATT supports government initiative to provide better sanitary facilities to general public.


Cost of usage will vary depending on the type of facility. Whilst some of the Public Toilets are available free, use of privately owned toilets will have minimum cost LKR 100 or US$ 1 or equivalent.

All facilities are will be rated by ATT based on the available amenities. Further the user will be able to submit their own ratings for reference of the other users.


Click to Download Mobile APP

By downloading the app, you can have access to the nearest public or private restroom so that you can unload yourself without any hesitation during the time of emergencies. All you have to do is install the app and show it to the facility owner who are partners with ATT. After using the toilet, remember to keep it clean which is the charge to use our service. Join this community and become an open defecation fighter to make our city smart, clean and green.


ATT will charge annual subscription fee of LKR 1,000 for registration and listing of your facility with the mobile app. First 100 will be registered free of charge.

Complete the form below and submit to ATT. We will get in touch with you shortly and have your facility listed within 24 hours subject to your eligibility.