Dispatch Partner

Dispatch Partnership

We offer unique opportunity to become a TUKTUK Taxi Dispatcher and earn from Taxi Hires you generate. We provide you a Dispatcher Panel that allow you to Book Taxis on behalf of your company or your clients. You will earn upto 5% commission from the total Taxi Hires you generate for the month. Currently we offer Dispatch Partnerships in the Western and Central Provinces of Sri Lanka.

If you are a Transport or HR Manager of a Company, this is an ideal way to save 5% of the office transport cost.

We offer 4 Types of Dispatcher Panel:

  • Partner access operator option is for partners (hotels, restaurants, service stations) – any business who would like to book a taxi for their customers and include the charges into the service package provided (Ex: a hotel books a taxi for a customer and puts the cost on the room). 
  • Such orders will not require immediate payment as driver will finalise them on “Third party payment systems” method.
  • Driver balance will be auto topped for the sum of each trip taken on this method should he be on an active Subscription plan. 
  • Partners (hotels etc) should be billed/invoiced later on, based on the trips from report created by particular operator.
Sample Dispatch Panel

If you are interested in becoming a TUKTUK Dispatcher click ‘Register‘ Link below to complete the TUKTUK Partner Registration Form. We will email you the required login credentials within 24 hours.

Login to your Dispatcher Panel and start making money. Dispatcher Commissions are payable at the end of every month based on the total value of the taxi hires generated through your Dispatch Panel.

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