Driver App Manual

  1. Introduction

The driver application allows drivers to receive jobs from the dispatcher and web booking as well as directly from the passenger app.

Read through this guide to become familiar with how to perform orders and handle common issues using the application.

Driver App Benefits:

  • Alerts and notifications on new incoming job;
  • Exact address and passenger location on the map;
  • Automatic calculation of the trip cost.

See you on the road soon!


2. Getting Ready to Work

The Driver app is created for drivers to handle the jobs and is available for both platforms ­ iOS and Android.

Gadget Requirements:

  • Driver App installed on your smartphone;
  • Android version 4.x or higher, or iOS version 7.x or higher;
  • Smartphone with GPS;
  • 3G/4G connection.

Once the driver applied for working in the particular company and was registered in the system, he will become available for receiving jobs.


Registration and Authorization Register as a driver in the appropriate taxi company directly or via the application (if it’s allowed by the taxi company).


  • Registration in the taxi company office The driver can visit the taxi company office and register all the required information about him and his car.


  • Registration via the application Also, the driver can register via the application in case the taxi company he is going to work with is set as public. The request needs to be approved and activated by the company. After the driver has been activated he can start the shift.

Authorisation To log in to the application you have to provide your phone number and enter the confirmation code received by SMS. You can also sign in using your Google+ Account.



  • Personal information After you have logged in, there will appear the screen called ‘Personal Information’. Fill in all your personal information.

Note: ‘Name’, ‘Phone number’ and ‘Driver license’ are the obligatory fields. Don’t forget to add your picture.

As soon as the driver accepts the job the client sees the information about the driver: his picture, name, car model and the approximate time to arrive. It’s a kind of your business card according to which the client makes a decision whether to ride with you or not.


On the ‘Car Details’ screen the driver adds info about his car (photo, color, year, model, plate number, board number) and specifies the maximum number of passengers. He can also choose additional options such as ‘child seat’, ‘disabled passengers’, ‘accept credit cards’, etc.


Upload the driver‘s licence pictures on the ‘Additional Docs’ screen.


3. How The Application Works

Starting/Ending a Shift Tap the ‘Start shift’ button to indicate you’re online and ready to receive jobs. The dispatcher can see your car location and status in the dispatcher panel.

To end a shift first switch to ‘Busy’, then tap ‘End shift’ button. You can also end shift by tapping on the arrow icon in the side menu.


Note: According to TaxiStartup research statistics, successful drivers accept about 98% jobs. Remember to switch on the ‘Busy’ status if you, for some reason, are not able to accept orders or left the car, even for 5 min.


New Job When you receive a new job you will get a push notification inside of the application with the sound alert. The window with this job opens automatically. You have only 15 seconds to accept the job. Tap ‘Accept’ to confirm the job and wait for passenger’s confirmation (can be configured in the company panel).

If you haven’t accepted the job, it is sent to another driver. Tap the ‘Reject’ button to cancel the job and remove it from the list.

Note: Trip cost calculation will be displayed additionally if tariffication and ‘fixed cost’ options are set by the taxi company.

Note: If the driver didn’t accept the job within 15 sec, it will be automatically canceled.


Bid In case the driver didn’t manage to accept the incoming job within 15 sec he can still place a bid entering the max time in minutes he needs to arrive to the pickup location.


Note: The company owners get access to the reports showing drivers who don’t accept jobs. We recommend drivers to switch on the ‘Busy’ status if, for some reason, they are not able to accept jobs.

4. How Jobs Are Spread

New Jobs Confirm the new job by tapping the ‘Accept’ button before the timer runs out.

New Scheduled Jobs Slide the bar to receive new scheduled jobs while off shift. Scheduled job is sent to all the drivers. When a new scheduled job is assigned to a driver by a dispatcher, he will be notified via the app. This job is listed in ‘New Scheduled Jobs’ menu with address, date and time specified.

To accept the scheduled job you have to choose it and tap ‘Accept’ button. The job is moved now to the ‘Assigned Jobs’ menu.

You will be notified half an hour in advance of the time the job has to be started.

Assigned Jobs The ‘Assigned Jobs’ tab displays all scheduled jobs accepted by the driver.

Pick­Up Area By default, drivers get jobs within 5km/mi. However, you can adjust the pickup area within the operational area of the company.


Just go to Map in the upper right corner and tap on the radius icon.


5. Process Of Job Completing

The job starts automatically after the passenger confirms the driver or without confirmation (can be configured in the company panel).

Arriving at Pickup When you arrive, park safely and tap ‘Arrived’, which will automatically send a notification to the client.

Tap on the profile icon to see the passenger’s info. You can call the passenger by tapping on the provided phone number.


If the client doesn’t appear in 5 minutes and doesn’t respond, click on the CANCEL button.

Note: There can be certain cancellation fee applied to a driver, depending on the company’s settings.

When the client has arrived, tap ‘Start a Ride’.


Arriving at Dropoff Drive to the dropoff location, using GPS if necessary. Park safely and tap ‘Finish’, which will automatically reveal the Receipt.

The general info included into the receipt is: distance, duration and total. The price for the ride is calculated according to the company tariff settings.


If the extra cost option is enabled, the driver is able to include additional payment e.g. for parking or toll bridge by pressing ‘+Extra’.


Completing Order Tap ‘Confirm Total’, which will automatically send a notification to the client.

You will see the ‘Waiting for the payment’ notification at the top of the screen. As soon as the client makes the payment with the card, the notification automatically changes to ‘Paid with the card’. Otherwise, the driver has to specify the payment method used by the client: Cash or Terminal.

The passenger may tap ‘Pay with cash’ within his app, in this case the driver will see a notification ‘Paid with cash’ at the top of the payment screen.


There is an opportunity to rate the job at the end of the ride. The rating can be revised in the job details from the ‘Recent Jobs’ tab.

There is the possibility to notify the dispatcher in case the the total was calculated wrong or the client refuses to pay. Just go to Report in the upper right corner and tap ‘No funds’ or ‘Wrong total’ buttons.


6. Driver Subscription Plan

Tap the ‘Credit’ tab on the side menu to see the current balance and info regarding driver subscription plan, including subscription details, list of registered credit/debit cards, payout info, and transaction history.


Add Credit Enter your credit/debit card details to fulfill your balance for the first time. Only after this you can top up the balance at the amount you want. If the card is already linked to your account, just press the ‘Add credit’ button and enter the required amount. Also, there is a possibility to top up your balance at the company office.


Payout Details Fill out your bank account information to set up automatic payouts (can be configured in the company panel). The information is verified and approved by the account manager.


Transaction History The history of transactions stays in the system. It is possible to see the detailed reports on all the transactions and balance. The account manager can also set a certain minimum limit that stays on the driver’s balance. The drivers can also see all the transactions and fees charged, as well as the amount of payout in the app.


7. Recent Jobs

The ‘Recent Jobs’ screen can be reached via side menu. Tap on the arrow icon in the upper left corner of the top menu to see the side menu.


‘Recent Jobs’ contain the info regarding the completed jobs. Tap on the job to view its details and rating.


8. Channels

By default the driver sees only one channel ­ Classic, which corresponds to a classic taxi service. Customer will see a yellow vehicle ordering that type of service. Channels and vehicle types can be configured in the company panel.