Driver Handbook

In today’s world of tough competition in taxi industry customer service is the most important part of developing and growing the business. It is extremely important to realize that the driver is your brand ambassador, the one who can ensure that every customer walks away with a smile, and keeps coming back.

Below you will find a helpful guide to provide your clients with high and worthy service. Please make sure that your drivers are aware of these behaviour tips.

To make sure you’re delivering the best service possible, always remember:

  • Be friendly: leave a positive impression on your clients by being pleasant
  • Be respectful: treat everyone you encounter along your trips with respect
  • Be prepared: make sure your car is clean inside and outside
  • Be safe: keep the passengers and yourself safe. Don’t break any laws
  • Be happy with your job and enjoy every ride!
  • Keep your car clean and in shape – outside and inside
  • Make sure there is no unpleasant smell and no foreign objects
  • Check the car for technical problems and do basic maintenance
  • Register vehicle with valid personal auto insurance

We recommend

  • Credit Card Payment Terminal
  • Free Wi-Fi in the vehicle
  • Car picture uploaded in the driver app

  • Valid state driver license
  • Customer-service oriented attitude
  • No criminal record
  • Excellent driving skills, confidence and adequacy on the road
  • Neat and tidy clothes
  • Smartphone or tablet running Android or iOS

We recommend

  • Drivers use the driver app confidently
  • Drivers wear a uniform or white shirt and trousers
  • Driver picture uploaded in the driver app

  • Smile when you greet the passenger and address by name
  • Help passengers load and unload their luggage
  • Clarify the route details, ask riders if they have a favorite one
  • Ask the client about his/her music preferences as well as the volume level
  • Lead the conversation with the passenger professionally respecting the distance and in a polite way

We recommend

  • Bottled mineral water
  • Umbrella
  • Up-to-date press onboard
  • Make your taxi wheelchair accessible

Keep in mind that after each ride you are being rated by the passenger.

  • Always be on time. If anything is holding you up, notify the clients
  • Stay calm driving through heavy traffic or dealing with rude passengers
  • Drive carefully, keep to the adequate speed limit and the traffic laws
  • Take a break, if you ever feel tired or sleepy, so as to avoid accidents
  • Abide by the seat belt laws

We recommend

  • Tap ‘Busy’ if you can’t accept the order*;
  • Open the door for the client at the departure and arrival;
  • Rate passenger for further record.

* According to TaxiStartup research statistics, successful drivers accept 98% orders. Remember to switch on the ‘Busy’ status if you, for some reason, are not able to accept orders or left the car, even for 5 min.


  • Drive during peak hours
  • Drive in the morning when there is less competition from other drivers
  • Use fuel efficient cars
  • Use “Eco Friendly” cars (electric, hybrid, natural gas). Save on fuel cost, keeping the nature clean

1. What if the client is not there to accept the ride?

On the arrival, press the “Arrived” button. Wait for 5 mins. If no one there, try calling the customer or buzzing more than once. Call at least twice in case the first time the client didn’t hear the phone call.

2. In what case should the order be cancelled?

If the driver called the client more than once, got no answer and waited more than 15 mins, he can then tap “Cancel” button and follow the instructions in the app.

*In any other case possible cancellation fee is applied.

3. How long should a driver wait for a client?

Wait for 5 min, if the client didn’t show up you can contact him several times. Wait for 10 more minutes and call the client again.

4. What to do if the client has lost item in the vehicle?

If you find the left item, you should contact the Dispatcher so as to return the item to the client.

Remember: the easiest way to prevent this from happening is to check the back seat after every trip!

5. What to do if the driver is out of gas?

The driver should always keep up with the gas level. It shouldn’t go lower than the 1⁄4 of the tank. But if such urgent case happened, apologize to the passenger and inform that the trip pay- ment will be corrected, according to the downtime. Act operatively and inform the dispatch- er about this case.

6. What to do if the driver had to pay for the parking or paid transit?

In case that the driver had to pay for the parking or picking up the client, he should pay on his own, but inform the dispatcher about it after the trip.

7. What to do in case of a road accident?

In case of a road accident, regardless of the degree, inform the dispatcher about it at the end of the trip. But first of all make sure that the passenger is ok. Apologize to the customer, call the police, the insurance company agent and the ambulance, if necessary.

Important: make sure another taxi will arrive to the accident place to pick up the client.

8. What to do if the smartphone is frozen or the battery is dead during the ride?

If it’s frozen try to restart it, and the system should upload the current order’s information. As for the battery it is the driver’s direct duty to track the battery level and have a charger in the car. If the phone didn’t work because of that, the client has the right to cancel and not to pay.

9. What if the driver forgot to press the ‘START’ button?

This case should be totally the driver’s responsibility. As if the company is using our system to calculate the distance, the amount of km/miles won’t be calculated and the client won’t pay for the trip.

  • Disruptive behavior, including flirting, inappropriate language or actions
  • Smoking in the vehicles
  • Drivers may not accept street hails – ever
  • No driving while holding your phone or texting
  • Alcohol or illegal drugs in the vehicle
  • Do not hint at receiving tips from the clients
  • Do not ask for money for the return of your client’s belongingsDriver